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Proceed to the Route

With the amazing navigational technology currently in existence, we are able to input coordinates into a system and receive turn-by-turn directions to our chosen destinations. We are provided with opportunity to determine if we want to avoid certain roads (toll, or highways) or if we would prefer our directions to simply take us the fastest route.

Being one who loves to drive, I often use a navigational system to help direct me to my desired destinations. There are times when I know a bit about the route I will travel and simply need the system for certain points along the route while, at other times, I have no idea where I'm going and am totally dependent upon the navigational system. Regardless of the occasion, the system remains a point of reference. The system takes into consideration all that you have asked of it and determines the route to get you there. When we veer from the system's navigation, it has been my experience, the system will advise us to 'Proceed to the Route'. The system then advises us on how to, from our current location, get back on track.

There are those who, for whatever reason, have veered away from the destination they previously desired. We all know that, in this life, we are often detoured from the route we have chosen. Some detours are short while others may be a bit longer. Some detours may be voluntary and others involuntary. Whatever the case, as it pertains to our journeys to our desired destinations in this life, those detours are only delays, not denials. Regardless of the time that may have passed, or the numerous situations that may have presented themselves, allow me to encourage you to, from your current location, PROCEED TO THE ROUTE.

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