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As a young child, I remember one of my fun-loving aunties singing a little 'welcome to spring' jingle. She would, out of nowhere it seemed, belt out "Spring! Spring! I heard a robin sing!"

Whether it is the robins we hear singing or the temperatures began to rise to a warmer degree, spring is most definitely in the air. Stores are showcasing their lawn and garden supplies as well as their seeds for planting. Friends and family are cleaning out their homes, closets, and hosting garage sales all in an effort to clean for the spring. There's just something about the spring that causes one to feel a newness.

Spring is not only a good time to clean outwardly but is also an awesome time to renew inwardly! Let 2022 be the year that you take time to clean inwardly through refreshing and renewal.

This transformational 90-day coaching program helps you hit the refresh button! Let's talk!

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