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There are various forms of success and various means by which we achieve them. There is little that compares to the feeling we get when we accomplish (succeed at) our goals. Whether we seek to achieve goals relationally, physically, or in our careers, when we accomplish success, by whatever means we choose to measure it, we are invigorated, inspired and confident in our abilities to reach our goals. Where does this desire for success originate? Why is it that most human beings seek it? Allow me to offer the following idea.

From the very beginning, we are admonished by our Creator to " fruitful..." (Gen 1:28). This fruitfulness relates to being productive; setting and working towards goals. Knowing this, we can determine that most all of mankind has a desire, a responsibility even, to be productive. Oftentimes, what is lacking is the knowledge to set and accomplish our goals. Some may not have a consciousness about exactly what they want to achieve, while others may be aware of the what but are simply in need of guidance on the how. Whatever the situation, there remains, in each of us (or at least, most of us) a desire to succeed.

As a Kingdom Life Coach, I partner with you in your effort to seek, set and work towards your goals. I do this through study of the Word of God, through prayer and by actively listening to you as, together, we uncover the gifts and talents that are within you.

Commit your works to the Lord [submit and trust them to Him],

And your plans will succeed [if you respond to His will and guidance].

(Proverbs 16:3 Amp)

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