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There is much that can be said about the innovative technological advancements that many have had the pleasure to witness. From drones to laptops, smartphones, to self-driving vehicles, we have witnessed technology advance to a level and at a pace that many never imagined. Due to these advancements, we have the opportunity to stay engaged as often and for as long as we would like. Most personal business can be attended via the internet using our laptops or smartphones any time of the day or night. Never before has there existed such options to engage as are currently available. With the onset of the recent pandemic and throughout the months and even years to follow, these advancements have gained new importance and have afforded society new and meaningful ways to socialize, to shop, to attend meetings and the like. Individuals, who would not have otherwise taken up learning the ends and outs of these advancements, found themselves thrust into a situation in which their very ability to communicate or handle business outside of these advancements severely hindered.

Yet as convenient and advantageous as these advancements are, with their capacity to keep us engaged, the disadvantages to our society may be a bit more inconspicuous. One such example is that of physical, in-person communication which lends itself to full involvement in conversation with those around us. The courtesies that were once considered common have, all but, disappeared totally. Everyone is otherwise engaged and usually by means of advanced technology.

Family time has suffered as a result of our ability and choice to stay otherwise connected even when with our families. I challenge you to pay closer attention when you're moving about your day. Notice, even while driving, how many people are giving divided attention to those around them. Families at dinner, although seated together are on their mobile devices. Even the babies have a form of device in their tiny little hands as they are seated in their highchairs or carseats. Shoppers rudely talk on their phones while being waited on by service professionals and the examples abound.

The unaudited use of these devices, as great as they are, can keep us on the clock, even after we have left our jobs. Cooking dinner, a text comes through and we 'must' respond immediately. Eating dinner, a call comes through and we 'must' answer it. We are in our beds and have a question and we simply 'must' google it. Heaven forbid if we neglect to check our social media pages before going off to sleep!

I recently completed my own version of an experiment. I turned off my mobile phone for several hours and refrained from using social media during the same amount of time and, to my surprise (although not really), the world remained intact!

Give it a try! UNPLUG!

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