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Renewing Your Mind Life Coaching, LLC

We provide coaching strategies designed to help the client achieve their goals.

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Introduction to skills that will be of benefit beyond the coaching relationship
Kingdom Coaching Described

Coaching is an agreed-upon partnership between a coaching professional (coach) and an individual (client) who seeks the services of the coaching professional to improve areas the client has identified as areas of challenge in their life (career, health & wellness, relationships, etc.)

Kingdom coaching provides coaching strategies designed to help the client achieve their goals, moving away from the place of 'stuck' and identify their unique gifts and skills while using the Word of God as the foundation. The Kingdom coach partners with the client to align their goals with their Kingdom purpose.

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Life Coaching
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“Failure Will Never Overtake Me If My Determination To Succeed Is Strong Enough.”
-Og Mandino
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Meet The Coach

Coach Kathryn

To her credit, Coach Kathryn has earned her Master's Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Life Coaching. She is a published author, a wife of 35 years to a retired US Army SFC, a mother (of two), a grandmother, and a minister. From these life experiences and academic attainments she brings to the coaching profession a plethora of skills and strategies to serve her clients in a manner that is well-rounded.

She serves her clients with passion and seeks to partner with them as they experience the "ah ha" moment that will catapult them into their Kingdom destinies. She coaches clients to focus forward and seeks to, through partnership, enable them to acquire life skills that will be of benefit beyond the coaching relationship.

Meet Coach Kathyrn
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Success Stories

What Clients Says

Challenged as a single, Christian woman, Kathryn helped me in shifting my perspective on finding 'Mr. Right'. She helped me to the necessity of choosing the right person to love and to treat well. Partnering with her has helped to catapult me in the right direction. I pray that she reaches millions and helps to change the world, one person at a time with her words of wisdom and hope.

Yvette - NC

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