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Recently, I heard an amazing man of God preach a sermon (link will follow below) in which he sought to encourage those who were in attendance to set prayer goals. Before delving into the topic deeper, he took a brief sidebar. He made a profound statement in that sidebar that was sure to bring many in attendance to that 'ah ha' moment.

Before I share with you the contents of that enlightenment, let's take a moment and visit Merriam-Webster's online dictionary in search of the definitions of two words: desire and goal. When an individual has a desire, according to Merriam-Webster, that individual 'hopes or longs for. A goal is 'the end towards which effort is directed'. Keep these definitions in mind as we return to the moment of enlightenment presented by the man of God in his sermon.

In his sidebar, the pastor brought attention to the probability that many who do not experience advancement in their lives is most likely because they have life desires but have neglected to set life goals! 'What's the difference?', one might ask. Desires are fueled by emotions, while goals are fueled and realized by effort. Desires may move you emotionally but goals move you physically.

Allow me to encourage you to advance your desires from a place of hope into goals by putting forth the effort to that end. The difference between desires and goals is EFFORT!

* (sermon referenced in post - Bishop Michael A Blue)

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