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"You are here"

Have you ever searched a map of an establishment to locate a particular area you desired to go to? Maybe you were shopping at an indoor or outdoor mall looking to shop at a particular store, or possibly you were at a theme park in search of a particular park ride and needed directions on how to get there. Or, maybe you have used your vehicle's navigation system to take you turn-by-turn to your desired location. Whatever the scenario, I think it is safe to assume that the majority of us have needed directions and sought the use of a map, whether a stationary map (like we see at the malls), a digital map (as used on our mobile devices and in our vehicles; or possibly a good, old-fashioned paper map to determine our way.

Think, for a minute, about a time when you have sought the use of a map for any purpose. What was the first thing you looked for on the map? Not sure about your answer but, as for me, the first thing I always look for is the desired location. I look for where it is that I desire to go. Next, I look for the section labeled "You are here", in order to determine where I am in relation to where I would like to go. Then I take notice of those stores or cities (depending on my purpose for using a map) that are between where I am and where I'm going.

In our journeys to a place beyond where we currently are, "You are here" serves to command us to seriously contemplate our current positions, statuses, achievements, etc. as they relate to our life goals. We must take an honest inventory of our current location in order that we might adequately and accurately move forward. When we view the map or ask our vehicles' navigation systems for directions, there are always alternate routes that we can take to arrive at our destination. Yet, the system is designed to take us the quickest route to our destination unless we choose to take the scenic route.

Paramount to consistently and successfully moving towards our goals is knowing where we are! "You are here"!

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